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“Mashreq revealed its new sonic identity through an innovative drone show as part of the launch of its new corporate identity. The sonic ID is created in partnership with sonic branding expert Sonhouse and powerfully reinforces the “Rise Every Day” philosophy. Watch the video here!

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Sonhouse teamed up with Soulwax to create the award-winning official Pro League Anthem. Discover our concept in the video and enjoy listening to the two original versions we made: stadium  & broadcast. Scroll down to listen to the reworks we made as well.

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Thiqah has a strong and clear brand DNA that we want to translate into sound: what does Thiqah sound like?

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“Always Close” is the fundament of Proximus, the brand promess. Key words and values are: innovative, trustworthy, human and enthousiastic. All to be translated into their sound ID.

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Sounds like a good ID? Contact our Sound Experts:

Tim De Smet – Head of Sonic Branding UAE

Cedric Engels – CEO

Mounir Hathout – Sound Strategist

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