Sonhouse is a sound production agency and platform for sound people.


Brussels Airport has a long history and a strong brand identity. The brand is all about passionately powering connections with a warm Belgian spirit. So, what does Brussels Airport sound like?

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“Always Close” is the fundament of Proximus, the brand promess. Key words and values are: innovative, trustworthy, human and enthousiastic. All to be translated into their sound ID.

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Thiqah has a strong and clear brand DNA that we want to translate into sound: what does Thiqah sound like?

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Sonhouse teamed up with Soulwax to create the award-winning official Pro League Anthem. Discover our concept in the video and enjoy listening to the two original versions we made: stadium  & broadcast. Scroll down to listen to the reworks we made as well.

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Sounds like a good ID?

Tim De Smet – Lead UAE

Steven Barbé – Head of Sonic Branding

Mounir Hathout – Sound Strategist

Cedric Engels – CEO


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