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Paperback ' De Kracht Van Geluid', out on B&L.

Although it occurs to few people, sound is everywhere, all the time. The annoying sound of your alarm clock, traffic, everyday noice… The soothing sound of birds, of music, of a soft voice. Iconic sound such as the scream of Tarzan, that specific sound when you start your Mac, the music of Jaws. Sound is music, emotion, like a body. Sounds defined by space and acoustics, but also by who you are as a person. It is the soundtrack, of your life. Sound can be both a blessing and a curse.

Author and TEDx speaker Cedric Engels has always been fascinated by sound. As a music producer, a DJ with Hermanos Inglesos, a master in Law, as a sonic branding pioneer and co-founder of Sonhouse an organisation specialised in sound identities for film and brands…Cedric’s whole existence has been determined by sound and silence.


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