Sonhouse is a sound production agency and platform for sound people.


Sonhouse teamed up with Soulwax to create the award-winning official Pro League Anthem. Discover our concept in the video and enjoy listening to the two original versions we made: stadium  & broadcast. Scroll down to listen to the reworks we made as well.

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Everything Coolblue entails ('Everything For A Smile') was captured in 5 notes. A sound strategy and a merry tune both Coolblue and its clients can easily remember and whistle on-the-go. A true sound signature.

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Radio and television campaign for Mobile Vikings, a Belgian mobile virtual network operator. They try to approach students and mobile internet users through their advertisements.

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Miles Morales discovers the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the mask. He crosses paths with his counterparts to stop a threat to all reality.

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In a world where the threshold for music and audio production increasingly becomes lower because of technology and digitalization, we want to combine forces to guarantee quality, creativity, innovation and most of all craftsmanship for your project.


We have our roots in brave little Belgium, with a division in Paris. Find our headquarters in Brussels, the beating heart of Sonhouse. We are just a phone call away.

Production Agency?

Sonhouse has a unique model where in-house production facilities and experienced employees are combined with a large and ever-growing external network.


Sonhouse is an open house for everything connected with audio and the evolutions that are coming with it. We are curious to hear your story so come visit us.

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