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Everything Coolblue entails (‘Everything For A Smile’) was captured in 5 notes. A sound strategy and a merry tune both Coolblue and its clients can easily remember and whistle on-the-go. A true sound…

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Coolblue is one of the biggest and fastest growing online retailers in the Benelux. They came to Sonhouse looking for a full sound identity/strategy to reinforce their brand identity. The team went all-in and delivered a refreshing and particular result.

Brandscore: the sound DNA

The brandscore is the starting point of creating a sound identity. This soundtrack is the alpha and omega of your sound: it contains all the necessary elements for further derivatives. Our mission with it? To make a brand sing in a relevant, distinctive, catchy and ownable way.


Coolblue is as goofy as they are upfront and honest, as friendly as they are open and direct. Sonhouse needed to create a straightforward sound layer with a twist, that would match Coolblue’s strong visual layer. So we did.

Sonic Brand: the core of the DNA

The sonic brand is the sound logo that represents the melodic heart, distilled from the brandscore. Short, particular, recognisable, completely ‘you’.

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Consistent Communication Touchpoints

Touchpoints are the various opportunities where customers ‘touch’ the brand. At each and every one of these points, brands should give the customer a consistent experience, reinforcing its identity and fulfilling its promise.


Mozart said “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between”. Deploying the sound identity consistently makes your brand stronger. But it’s equally important to avoid sound pollution and overload. Sound should be used only when it amplifies.

Sonhouse created these possible applications for Coolblue:

“Thanks for your work this week, a lot of admiration for what Sonhouse has managed to put in such a short time. Nice combination between listening to the briefing and then surpass the briefing, just like that.”
– Joost Bakker (Head of Marketing)

Music On Hold

Always eager to activate their fans, Coolblue wanted to renew its music on hold while also giving people the chance to decide which version they preferred. So Sonhouse made 3 easy-going versions for the fans to pick their favorite: new music on hold to make people hold the line ‘with a smile’. What’s your number 1?

“We were incredibly pleased with your perfectionism. Great, great thanks for your flexibility and help. You did a fantastic job, again!” 

– Eva Nooitgedagt (Head of Marketing)

Television & Online Campaigns

Sonhouse doesn’t prescribe using the original brandscore when it doesn’t fit the creation perfectly. Sometimes, an adapted version or rework is justified. And why not use your audio watermark, the original sonic brand, at the end of the message?

Radio Campaigns

Specific Activation

Sonic branding is a dynamic process. Sonhouse will adapt and tweak the brandscore & sonic brand for a specific goal or campaign. It the end it’s about effectiveness.

Example: for a campaign video to promote the new line of HP products and accessories, we recorded interesting sounds from those very devices and re-created their brandscore from scratch (pun intended).

This case was developed together with Duval Guillaume.

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