Sonhouse is a sound production agency and platform for sound people.


Sonhouse is a place where talent understands purpose. But it’s more than a consultant with a guitar: it’s a network of sound expertise, studios, sound engineers, post-producers, composers, voice coaches, musicians, supervisors, podcast creators and yes, strategists, at the service of your project.

The first note we produce when embarking on a new project, is on a note pad. Our musical ears are trained for listening and our consultants’ brains for analyzing, understanding objectives, ambitions and values. And then, we play. Solo or with a symphony orchestra, with or without cowbell, any kind of cool, sweet and mellow, technobrass-junglerap. Yes, we just made that up.

What happens next? The sound becomes part of your identity, your story, your film, your brand, your personality, the world, the collective memory, someone’s whistle on the street. And then you come back for more.

Sounds like a good ID

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For each project, Sonhouse proposes a custom team that brings their passion: from young talent to seasoned professionals. We are a group of dedicated craftwomen and -men!

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