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Sonhouse teamed up with Soulwax to create the award-winning official Pro League Anthem. Find out in the video what we did and enjoy listening to the two versions we made: stadium  & broadcast. Concept by Sonhouse.

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After a thorough analysis of the brand and the work of branding agency Mirror Mirror, we organized a sound lab with Pro League & Eleven Sports. The result of this workshop was a clearly defined ‘sound ID’, based on the core DNA of this story: closer to football. From that vision we developed the idea to implement the sounds of the fans, the chants in order to let the clubs of the Pro League ‘be heard’ by making it one whole and literally give the fans a united voice.


Furthermore, the analysis of the workshop led us to this synthesis: the sonic branding will on one hand radiate solidarity, dynamism and on the other hand have its own characterful and timeless sound with international allure. For the creation of the anthem based on this concept, we wanted to collaborate with an artist who fits the briefing but is also a football fan himself, enter Soulwax.

The end result is a headstrong anthem that joins ‘competing’ fans this one moment right before kick-off and stays away from the classic orchestral instrumentation found in many other leagues. Listen below:

Since it is important to approach each touchpoint in context, in addition to the stadium version, a broadcast version was also made for the Eleven Pro League channel and the Jupiler partnership. The fan idea fits in perfectly with the Eleven baseline: for the fans.

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Press:¬†selection below (StuBru, De Morgen, Humo, Le Soir,…)

Thanks to the innovative mindset and fresh view of Pro League and Eleven Sports, we have been able to achieve a result together with Soulwax that we are very proud of.

Concept: Sonhouse

Music Composition: David & Stephen Dewaele

Client: Leander Monbaliu, Jan Mosselmans, Stijn Van Bever, Jeroen Vermeiren, Louis Demeyere, Stijn Jacobs.