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Recupel stands as a non-profit organization, dedicated to the collection and processing of used electronic devices and lamps. Through their innovative campaigns, they encourage both repairing and recycling devices to recover as many raw materials as possible.

Have you heard of Belgium’s newest hip-hop sensation, Freazy-E?

Each year, roughly 200,000 old refrigerators and freezers aren’t properly recycled. Freazy-E’s message is clear – these devices often fall into the wrong hands, unleashing toxic gases equivalent to the environmental impact of a 7,500 KM car journey.

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Recupel’s Ode to Light

Recupel tells us how important light is in our lives through slam poetry.

A world without light is no sight, starring Tourist LeMC & Baloji.

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This case was developed together with Mortierbrigade and Initials L.A.

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