Sonhouse is a sound production agency and platform for sound people.


Sonhouse teamed up with Soulwax to create the award-winning official Pro League Anthem. Discover our concept in the video and enjoy listening to the two original versions we made: stadium  & broadcast. Scroll down to listen to the reworks we made as well.

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Ablo is the app that let’s you ‘Make Friends Worldwide’ and the main campaign tagline promises: ‘ABLO Takes You Places’. Both claims are essential for their sonic branding. Wonder what Ablo sounds like?

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Brussels Airport has a long history and a strong brand identity. The brand is all about passionately powering connections with a warm Belgian spirit. So, what does Brussels Airport sound like?

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Materialise brings 3D printing experience into software solutions which form the backbone of the 3D printing industry. They have their brand identity and so the question is: what does Materialise sound like?

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Process = about 6 weeks

week 1 — homework: brand analysis & study of industry & competition

week 2 — physical workshop (2 hours) & translation of musical conclusions into a Lexus ‘Sound ID’

week 2/3/4 — music production of 3 concepts (score/soundtrack & sound logo’s)

week 5 — soundcheck: physical presentation of 3 concepts

week 6 — master & delivery of score & logo + roll-out & implementation


Phile Bokken
Co-found & Sound Director

Steven Barbé
Head of Sonic Branding