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SKINN is a branding agency, a thought leader with international allure. As a pioneer, they focuses on design and consultancy with strong values: design-driven, clever, eager, empathic, expert and pure. The human driver why people choose the brand is a sense of control and recognition with a stretch towards status and vitality.

Wonder what SKINN sounds like?

Score: the sonic DNA

The Score is the backbone of a sound identity. This soundtrack contains all the nuts and bolts for roll-out and later offshoots. The Score is the musical framework to make a brand sing in a relevant and ownable way.

Sounding energetic and dynamic, SKINN also surprises with an innovative and impactful sound.  It’s up-tempo with an atypical rhythm section that excites.

Logo: the musical essence

The Sound Logo represents the melodic heart, distilled from the Score. Short, particular, recognisable and completely on-brand.

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