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Colmar as a brand is about casual family ‘chaos’ and playful craftsmanship. Wonder what that sounds like?

Colmar is not your average restaurant. It’s a place that welcomes the family’s playful ‘mess’ while maintaining honest craftsmanship. Playful but not silly. Warm but not corny. We went for some ragtime piano, joyful family sing-a-longs and a light-hearted yet technically ingenious jazzy mood.

the Score

The score is the starting point of creating a sound identity. This soundtrack is the alpha and omega of your sound: it contains all the necessary elements for further derivatives. Our mission with it? To make a brand sing in a relevant, distinctive, catchy and ownable way.

Logo: the core of the DNA

The sound logo represents the melodic heart, distilled from the full Score. Short, particular, recognisable, completely Colmar, including the French ‘Crocodile’ version!.

Roll-out on Radio

This case was developed together with Kunstmaan and Colmar.

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