Sonhouse is a sound production agency and platform for sound people.

The Showpad sales enablement platform integrates industry-leading training and coaching software with innovative content solutions to empower sales and marketing to engage the modern buyer.

What we did

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Founded in 2011, Showpad the leader in sales enablement, allows sales to have more engaging conversations, driven by context, optimized for every conversation. “We are passionate about aligning sales and marketing teams to become successful.”

Score: the sound DNA

The Score is the starting point of creating a sound identity. This soundtrack is the alpha and omega of your sound: it contains all the necessary elements for further derivatives. Our mission with it? To make a brand sing in a relevant, distinctive, catchy and ownable way.

Logo: the core of the DNA

The sound Logo that represents the melodic heart, distilled from the Score. Short, particular, recognisable, completely ‘you’.

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Consistent Communication Touchpoints

Touchpoints are the various opportunities where customers ‘touch’ the brand. At each and every one of these points, brands should give the customer a consistent experience, reinforcing its identity and fulfilling its promise.

Sonic Branding is about fully noticing every single touchpoint that makes a sound, even within your product. Showpad’s app sounds have been created as a close family of sounds with related tonality and sound design; aligned to both the brand and the app’s user experience design. Each chime, zoom and twinkle brings convenience and a relevant brand statement for Showpad.


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