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Playmobil Stories

Six interactive audio short stories based on the different Playmobil universes that help children remember, solve problems and make creative decisions.

“Kids learn a lot from making up their own endings.”
– Freya Claes, pedagogue

For years, Playmobil has been motivating children to let their imagination run wild. Now we took it one giant step further. Playmobil Stories are interactive audio episodes designed to make your child find solutions and create their very own storylines. Together with PR-agency Walkie Talkie, author Thaïs Vanderheyden and pedagogue Freya Claes, Sonhouse created a sound identity for the project and its universes by composing an original score, casting suitable voices for Belgium and the Netherlands and engineering playful sound effects to bring the storyline to life.

Educational ánd fun, enjoy the stories at

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This case was developed with Walkie Talkie, Lunar Gravity and Odin Saillé.

Music in collaboration with Ruben De Gheselle.

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