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Le Pain Quotidien

Sonhouse created the in-store music profile of Le Pain Quotidien. After a proper brand- and restaurant analysis we came up with Le Pain Quotidien Radio! Ready for a worldwide roll-out.

People can listen to LPQ-radio station 24/7 via an online player.

LPQ wants to offer an escape from the busy (city) life, and offer a possibility, an oasis for people to take some time and relax. In this quest the music should serve as an ingredient to enhance the LPQ experience. And every once in a while, LPQ suprises their guests….It’s important that the in-store music profile fits the brand promise:  simplicity, quality, authenticity and conviviality. 

It’s not just about playing some kind of music, it’s about playing the right music at the right time.

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