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Four childhood friends are trying to escape the neighborhood in Antwerp (Het Kiel) where they grew up. It’s a place with limited opportunities, where many young people opt for the “get rich quick” route of drug crime. However, escaping from this life proves to be far from easy..

Looking for a song from the series? We’ve collected everything in the playlist below!

De Morgen
De Morgen

We don't call Kameleon a crime series but a stay-out-of-crime series. Because avoiding crime is a challenge for boys like Chris, Kofi, and Blackson. We wanted to create an authentic, sharp, and cuttingly funny series. Not a sad drama.

Malik Mohammed (co-writer)
Producers: De Mensen
Directors: Safi Graauw & Michael Abay
Writers: Kristof Hoefkens & Malik Mohammed
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