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Ish Talks

Ish talks, an exclusive 10-episode listening series in which Ish Ait Hamou talks to various people who inspire, challenge and make him curious. Each episode, Ish hosts various authors, creators and creatives where stories and the power of stories take centre stage.

You dive into the world of the guest who, in turn, take Ish into their passion for the written and/or spoken word. Among others, he receives guests such as Lize Spit, SaId Boumazoughe, Wim Opbrouck, Warda El Kaddouri, Michaƫl Van Peel, Joffrey Anan, Marianne De Baere, Rina Mushonga and Coely.


Ish Talks is also available on Storytel

Untold Stories x Storytel


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