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De Dag

“Starting from the idea that each story has its own identity, we bring together the perfect team for each project – also for De Dag”.

Based on the scenario, various scenes, the psyche of the characters and what Woestijnvis/FBO taught them about the series, Sonhouse selected synth and guitar hero David Martijn as main composer. The soundtrack is also a close collaboration with the writers and directors. The music has to enforce the series, even during filming on set. A parallel interaction, in other words between image, sound and story, in order to achieve a complete and interwoven audiovisual work.


The complete ‘De Dag (OST)’ album with original music by Sonhouse & David Martijn is available on Spotify.

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Director Gilles Coulier “If you want to make a series with so many different components you need a guideline that breathes one style. Sonhouse & David Martijn have already given us that guidance at a very early stage. On set, the music that David composed was used to guide us in our choices, from the tempo of the camera movements to the emotions of the actors and their characters. It’s nice to see how decisive a soundtrack can be.”

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Writers Jonas Geirnaert & Julie Mahieu: “From the very beginning of the creative process, music has been one of the driving motives behind ‘De Dag’. Scriptwriting has been done consistently with music in our ears – first reference music and, as soon as she was there, the music of Sonhouse & David Martijn. We have never seen music – which unfortunately still happens too often – as a sauce that is poured over the dish ‘fast’, just before serving. The score is a full-fledged aspect of the method of preparation and the collaboration with David and Sonhouse was a cross-fertilization that made the whole a lot stronger and more consistent. Together with Gilles David went to the extreme – even nights were composed if necessary – and the result pays off. We can not emphasize enough how happy we are with the score of ‘The Day’. ”


Listen to De Dag Mixtape

Every première needs an afterparty and so Sonhouse Deejays were asked for a De Dag-themed DJ-set for the occasion. A selection of ambient, slow techno, dark pop and new beat ensued. The sound identity of ‘De Dag’…for the dancefloor.

Soundtrack for FBO / Woestijnvis (Vier & Telenet).

Written by Jonas Geirnaert & Julie Mahieu.

Directed by Gilles Coulier & Dries Vos.

Full post-production by Matthias Hillegeer.

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