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Nobody knows why but stand-up comedian Freddy De Vadder is forced to trade Ghent for Bevergem – a village in the deep west of Flanders.

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Riddled with derailed people and their ‘bigger than life’ stories, this town is driven by crazy ambitions and even crazier vanity. So, wonder what Bevergem sounds like?

Adding the layer of sound to the Bevergem identity, Sonhouse composed the theme song. The soundtrack needed to be worldly and universal to highlight a contrast with the peasant village. A melancholic groove. Sad, relativistic and comforting at the same time. The importance of an appropriate piece of music can not to be underestimated: a unique and powerful soundtrack sets the mood, triggers the relevant emotions and gives the TV series the sound identity it deserves – right from the start of every new episode.

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Scenario: Bart Vanneste, Wannes Cappelle, Dries Heyneman, Gilles Coulier
Director: Gilles Coulier
Producer: Gilles De Schryver, Gilles Coulier
Production Agency: De Wereldvrede with BroekToe.

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