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Hypotheekwinkel aspires to be a warm and convenient love brand. Wonder what that sounds like?

What we did

Sonic Branding . Sound Strategy

Hypotheekwinkel has the ambition of a love brand and aims at the hearts of people with an easy-going, cosy flair. They will take it from ‘business’ to ‘human’ thanks to an intelligent service and lifelong assistance, keeping things simple along the way.

Score: the sound DNA

The score is the starting point of creating a sound identity. This soundtrack is the alpha and omega of your sound: it contains all the necessary elements for further derivatives. Our mission with it? To make a brand sing in a relevant, distinctive, catchy and ownable way.

As the backbone of their sound identity, the score breathes uptempo cosiness: rich and to-the-point. We made it fun with a brass section and original rhythmic quirks like the shop doorbell – anything that helps to put the ‘winkel’ in Hypotheekwinkel.

Logo: the core of the DNA

The sound logo is the sound logo that represents the melodic heart, distilled from the full score. Short, particular, recognisable, completely ‘you’.

A snug little logo: recognisable and ownable. The doorbell says hello.


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