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Ally is on a mission to fundamentally shift the current paradigm on stress. Now, what should that sound like?

What we did

Sonic Branding . Sound Strategy

Founded in 2019 by Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof, Ally’s mission is to set out for a world where everybody finds the capacity to be the best version of themselves. Ally carries a profoundly original view on ‘stress’, not being the enemy but rather a navigator or even an ally.

the Score

The score is the starting point of creating a sound identity. This soundtrack is the alpha and omega of your sound: it contains all the necessary elements for further derivatives. Our mission is to make a brand resonate in a relevant, distinctive, catchy and ownable way.

For Ally, we composed a deep score that seems alive and evolving with jazzy colours, abstract, earthy sound design and ‘alpha wave’ drone patches. It’s a soundtrack that moves from chaos to order, from an issue to a resolution and from anxiety to tranquility in a playful way.

Logo: the core of the DNA

The sound logo represents the melodic heart, distilled from the full Score. Short, particular, recognisable, completely Ally, including an extended version to be used during live presentations by Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof.

This case was developed together with Ally and Shaved Monkey.

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